package .01

      • 2-hour newborn or baby portrait session
      • 25 high-res edited images via digital download
      • Photographed from the comfort of your own home
      • Midweek sessions only
      • Professional image processing
      • Online Gallery
      • Colour images and a selection of B&W copies
      • Access to the client wardrobe & styling advice
      • Siblings and parents included in the newborn session
      • Upgrade to receive all digital images for an additional $250



      package .02

      • 1-hour family portrait session
      • 25 high-res edited images via digital download
      • Outdoor sunset session
      • Weekend or midweek session
      • Professional image processing
      • Online Gallery
      • Colour images and a selection of B&W copies
      • Access to the client's wardrobe & styling advice
      • Upgrade to receive all digital images for an additional $250



      package .03

      • 1-1.5-hour extended family portrait session
      • 100 high-res edited images via digital download
      • Includes multiple families - grandparents, families, aunties, uncles and cousins etc
      • Outdoor sunset session
      • Weekend or midweek session
      • Professional image processing
      • Online Gallery
      • Colour images and a selection of B&W copies
      • Access to the client wardrobe & styling advice

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      • 2-hour newborn session + 45-min bump session
      • 50 high-res edited images via digital download in total
      • Mid-week session only
      • Newborn session photographed from the comfort of your own home
      • Bump session option of an indoor home session or an outdoor sunset or sunrise session on location at a local park or beach.
      • Professional image processing
      • Online gallery
      • Colour images and a selection of B&W copies
      • Access to my Client’s Wardrobe & styling advice
      • Upgrade to receive all digital images for an additional $400 or $200 per session – $50-$100 saving on upgrades.
      • Save $330 by booking this bump and newborn bundle – only valid when booked together at the time of booking.
      • Valid for mid-week sessions only.
      •  Weekend sessions are an additional $100 per session.

      $1300 (save $330)


      My approach to newborn sessions is relaxed and natural as possible. I come to you and we photograph the session from the comfort of your own home. Newborns are best to be photographed within the first six weeks of birth when they are still sleeping pretty effortlessly. So book in early to avoid missing this small window of time. Newborn sessions can take 2 hours depending on how settled Bub is during the session. I like to allow enough time for feeding and settling during the session. I love to incorporate the family in my newborn sessions, parents and siblings if any are encouraged to get involved.


      I like to make my family portrait sessions as fun and natural as possible for everyone involved. I hold my portrait sessions outdoors at sunset in local parks and beaches. The natural outdoor setting provides a beautiful backdrop for your family photos. I have a few favourite locations that I can recommend, or please let me know if you have a special spot in mind for your family.


      Pregnancy, what a beautiful and magical time. Your body is growing and creating a new life and it can be a beautiful moment to document. I photograph my bump sessions outdoors at sunset in local parks and beaches or from the comfort of your home. Most women are photographed around the 32-36 week mark, however, we can do them anytime from 28 weeks, depending on how you are feeling.


      Babies grow and change so quickly so it can be a great time to capture photos of your baby before their first birthday. Anytime is a good time to book a family portrait session with your baby. Each stage of your baby’s first year creates different looks and it all depends on your child’s development. You have the option of choosing a home portrait session or outdoor location shoot for your babies under one year old. For less mobile and younger babies home sessions are preferred to make it more comfortable for them. I like to incorporate the whole family in these sessions, parents and siblings are very much welcome.

      Following is a guide for what you can expect for different ages:

      • 2-3 months – they are more aware than newborns and you might just get a smile;
      • 4-6 months – they are more engaged, laughing and can usually hold their head up during tummy time which makes for cute photos.
      • 9+ months – they are usually sitting and possibly crawling, with lots more smiles and engagement.



      What areas do you service?

      I am based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and shoot my outdoor portrait sessions at nearby parks and beaches. Newborns are photographed from the comfort of your home.
      I travel up to 45 minutes to nearby suburbs

      How long do your portrait session go for?

      Family portrait sessions go for approximately one hour. Maternity sessions are around 30-45mins. Newborn sessions can go for up to two hours as they require some extra time for feeding and settling.

      Where should we have our outdoor session?

      I shoot families in an outdoor location at a local park or beach. Sunset is preferred to capture the beautiful afternoon light.
      I have a few favourite locations that I can suggest around the Eastern Suburbs, but if you have a location in mind that is special to your family please let me know and I will see if it's suitable.

      How many images will we receive?

      I deliver a proofing gallery of watermarked images with approximately 80-100 images per portrait session in colour with a selection of black & white copies.

      Included in your package are a number of digital images available for download. You are able to make your selection of your favourite images for download via the gallery.

      You are also able to upgrade your package to include the full gallery via the online store. Please note your selected downloaded images included in your package wont include a watermark.

      What happens if we are sick of the weather is bad?

      We can absolutely reschedule. We don't want to pass around germs, and the same goes for me. I won't do a session if I am unwell. Same if it is torrential, nobody wants wet, cranky, cold babes. Your deposit is transferrable, but not refundable for 'valid' reasons.
      However, if you want to reschedule your session for no real reason, a reschedule fee will be charged. This small business unfortunately cannot withstand multiple reschedules when there are clients on the waitlist.

      I'm worried my kids will be feral!

      I get it. I have an untameable child sometimes too. However kids tend to feed off adults, so if you're relaxed, they will be. We just go with the flow, let them lead, and moments will present themselves. I pride myself on being able to turn even the grumpiest frown upside down. By default, I promise you your kids will probably act up a bit because it's a new environment and I'm a stranger and it's all a bit weird. But with time and some fun, they'll warm up and we'll have a great time. And if not? We'll get some beautiful snuggly images (those are my favourite).

      What do we wear?

      I have a comprehensive styling guide that will help you plan for the session but what I will say is this - be comfortable, not too matchy-matchy, and make sure the kids are comfortable. We don't want any meltdowns over scratchy tags or itchy knits. When you are comfortable and relaxed, it shows in the images.

      No colours are better than others, but I say to avoid bold prints, patterns, and logos as they will clash and date over time. Try to make everyone in the session wear something that works together or compliments each other without being overly matching. For a family, I suggest picking 3-4 colours and dressing everyone in those tones. I will happily help you out if you need an opinion, so feel free to text or email me some options.

      I also have a client wardrobe of dresses and newborn outfits which you can select pieces from complimentary with your session. (excludes mini sessions).

      What do I need to bring to a session?

      For an outdoor family session, pack like you are going out for a day trip. Jumpers, warm clothes, snacks and water. Because we all know cranky kids can usually be settled with a snack. And we
      don't want cold kids because it's miserable for everyone. If we are at the beach, bring your swimmers and a towel if you would like (lets be honest, kids always end up in the water, don't
      they?) Other than that, just bring your beautiful selves!

      Do you offer any products and prints?

      Yes, I offer a range of prints, frames and albums via an Australian professional printing lab. You will be able to place an order through your online gallery.

      When is the best time to capture a newborn session?

      Newborns can be photographed up to six weeks old. I find newborns settle more easily within the first two weeks, and some babies break out in a hormonal pimple rash after the two-week period.

      The style of the shoot changes as they grow older but it doesn't have to be done within the first few weeks if you're not feeling up to it and want more time to recover post-birth, and to get a better feel of your little bub.

      All babies have their own unique little personalities. So if you have an unsettled bub we can wait till they are a bit older. If you want to capture them as fresh little newborns within the first 10 days is ideal.

      How do newborn home sessions work?

      For your newborn session, I will come to you and capture the session from the comfort of your own home.

      We will generally shoot in one or two areas of your home depending on where the natural light is best. Often the living room and the main bedroom are ideal. It is great if you can tidy up these areas and get rid of any excess clutter. If you are worried that your place isn’t suitable for the photo session please send me some photos of your home and I will make an assessment.

      How do I go about booking in a newborn session when I don’t know exactly when I will give birth?

      As we all know when babies' arrival dates are unpredictable. We can schedule your newborn session two weeks after your due date, and once your baby arrives send me a message or email and I can reconfirm your newborn session date.

      Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are my newborn session shoot days.

      Do you photograph extended families?

      Yes, I do. My portrait packages include immediate family. An additional $50 per person fee applies for extended family members, i.e. grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

      Are you vaccinated?

      I am fully vaccinated against COVID and am up to date on all standard vaccinations, including Whooping Cough. I also have a current WWC Check.

      Do you photoshop your images?

      I do and I don't. It's important to me to retain the integrity of the image and changing people's bodies gives me the ick, but I do amend skin textures, pimples etc if they stand out in an image. I can fix backgrounds as needed, or anything that makes the image busy. But in terms of photoshopping humans and their bodies? Hard no

      How do I book?

      Beyond happy you love my work, connect with me and are keen to book in! Fill out my contact form here and I will be in touch to secure your booking. After the deposit/contract is signed, we are on our way to party town.